Wednesday, December 26, 2007

About Culinary Studio

Like the kitchen of most New Yorkers, mine is nothing to write home about.  Yet for my love of cooking, I have learned to make the most of my very limited surroundings.  The aim of Culinary Studio is to show that with four rusty burners and two square feet of counter space, just about anything is possible in the kitchen.  Low-brow or high-brow, classic or modern, European or Asian, there is no cuisine that I will leave untouched as I attempt to push my kitchen to its limits. 

As a studio-dweller, maintaining my sanity will require that I occassionally escape the confines of my apartment and enjoy the wonderful dining that New York City has to offer.  I'll post about those adventures as well as just about anything else that may come to mind, too; after all if I ever feel confined by the Internet or some blog mission statement, I have loads more problems than just a small kitchen. 

So follow along, whether right here on the blog or on Facebook or Twitter, and enjoy Culinary Studio.  Please contact me at Eddie[at] if you have any questions about my blog or just want to gloat about how much bigger your kitchen is than mine. 


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