Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brunch, Italian Style

If you live in New York City, there will be a point when you tire of standard brunch fare, never wanting to see another eggs benedict no matter how gussied up the Hollandaise sauce may be.  You see, brunch is part of the weekend routine in New York, as revered as college football on Saturdays is in every place but New York.  Instead spending our Saturday afternoons watching players on TV duke it out over a pigskin, we New Yorkers duke it out amongst ourselves outside trendy restaurants waiting for crummy mimosas and heavy-handed omelettes.

At some point, most New Yorkers will realize that it is no longer worth spending $30 on food that can be made better at home and in an environment that does not require screaming at each other in order to be heard.  Should you come to that realization, or if you just want to invite some friends over for brunch, I urge you to make a pot of thick tomato sauce with a healthy dose of basil, cook some some eggs in the sauce, and serve it all over some crispy toast.  It will be an unconventional brunch, but a welcome respite from that New York brunch everyone grows to hate.  The Italians don't really do brunch, but judging by this dish, something tells me that I could tolerate the brunch scene in Italy. 

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