Monday, August 24, 2009

Roast Chicken: My Dish of Perfection

I think that most amateur cooks can agree that consistency is our greatest weakness. As our confidence in the kitchen increases, we free ourselves from the entrapment of recipes and measuring cups. Yet what was a tablespoon yesterday will be a teaspoon tomorrow. We might achieve culinary greatness with one dish, but we struggle to repeat it on a second try.

Part of the fun of cooking is trying new dishes to reach that great feeling (and taste) that a successful dish brings, just as an amateur golfer might play through holes and holes of frustration just for that one perfect drive. So we deserve to pat ourselves on the backs when we do produce a truly great dish that we can make time and time again with no recipes and no measuring utensils.

With that, I bring you my roast chicken. No matter what I season it with, it comes out perfectly every time. It's a modest dish, but it is one that I cook consistently time and time again.

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