Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Although I am still suffering the ill effects of a meat hangover, this weekend's Meatopia on Governors Island proved to be all that I had hoped.  An outdoor event on a beautiful day that brings together some of the city's top meat-centric restaurants, locally raised meats, bluegrass music, and one of my favorite breweries (Brooklyn's Sixpoint) is sure to please me, but the event beat my expectations.  Not to say that the event was flawless-- most vendors ran out of food well before the event's close and the organizers gave up on their futile attempt to force anyone drinking beer to stay in a segregated area away from any of the food vendors-- but assuming that you arrived on the Governors Island well before the food ran out, you easily got your money's worth on some excellent food. 

NYC favorite Hill Country brought their trailer onto the ferry to Governors Island: 

More importantly, Hill Country also brought some of their brisket:

Porterhouse NY made skirt steak sandwiches:
The soon to open Hurricane Club brought some succulent honey-glazed baby back ribs with Thai basil and mint:

After those three courses, it was time to sit back and listen to some music:
And also drink some of that Sixpoint Beer (this wasn't my personal consumption):
Then it was back to the meat.  This time, I went with I-Que BBQ's pork shoulder.  Not bad for bbq from some Boston boys:

As if I needed more meat, look at what Smokin' Joe's True-Blue Texas Barbecue had on offer:

Sue Torres of Suenos dished up some duck tacos, a nice change of pace from the beef and pork:

Brooklyn's The Smoke Joint grilled some chicken sausages:

Finally, every good Meatopia needs some meatballs (even if they are chicken meatballs, ahem).  And who better to bring some than Manhattan's Meatball Shop:


  1. I saw this event advertised on the Slow Food NYC newsletter and wondered how it went. I've been up to Governor's Island for a concert or two and I love the spot. Glad to hear it was a good time, the pics look very enticing.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It was a great time; I would definitely recommend that you do it next year if you can, especially if the weather is nice.



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