Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Best Fried Chicken Sandwich at Williamsburg's Diner

I hate to post something that is probably no longer available, but two weeks after eating it, I still can't get the fried chicken sandwich served at Williamsburg's Diner out of my head.  A lunch special the day I visited, the sandwich was stuffed full of some of the juciest and most flavorful fried chicken I have ever tasted.  The chicken was clearly fresh from the fryer, not the refrigerator like almost every other fried chicken sandwich I have ever had.  As if the chicken needed anything else, the sandwich also contained bitter dandelion greens and a peppery ramp aioli to moisten the bread.  I feel safe in stating that there is no better fried chicken sandwich out there.  While you will most likely have to wait until next spring to have the sandwich with ramp aioli, the reviews of Diner that I have read indicate that renditions of the fried chicken sandwich make frequent appearances on the restaurant's specials list.  I suggest you make your way to Williamsburg as fast as you can.  The neighborhood isn't for everyone, but Diner's fried chicken sandwich is. 

85 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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