Sunday, April 11, 2010

Selections from the Studio: Week of April 4

It's been a beautiful, warm weekend in New York, and I've spent most of it outside of the studio.  I finally purchased a digital SLR, so be prepared for some improved photos at Culinary Studio once I get the hang of how to operate the thing.  Between playing with my new toy and getting some much needed R&R outdoors, I've waited until the last minute to write Selections from the Studio this week, but I promise the recipes I have picked are just as delicious-sounding as ever. 

As the tulips along Park Avenue begin to bloom and Central Park turns from brown to bright green, I find myself thinking about weeds rather than flowers because ramps are in season.  I missed the first weekend of ramps at Greenmarket, but I made up for the lost time this week by purchasing two bunches.  Still a novice to ramps, I scoured some of my favorite blogs for recipes.  Queenie Takes Manhattan came to the rescue with her recipe for Fresh Fettucine with Ramps, Bacon and an Egg.  I made this one for myself, as you can see in the photo.  Mine was not quite as nice-looking as Queenie's, but I can vouch for her recipe being absolutely delicious.  The best thing to do to ramps is not to do too much, and her recipe is simplicity at its best.  I'll be using her philosophy when I cook my second bunch of ramps this week. 

There was plenty of good quality elsewhere around the Web this week.  New Yorkers still have some time before rhubarb hits the markets, but when it does, make sure you keep The Wednesday Chef's recipe for Country Rhubarb Cake in mind; I certainly will.  If rhubarb isn't your thing, then try making this Lemon Yogurt Cake from Ideas in Food.  Tart baked goods are just what I'm craving in the spring. 

On a more savory note, Michael Symon's recipe for Pork Cheek Chili, courtesy of Amateur Gourmet, is something I would love to make for my weekday lunches at work, if I can get my hands on pork cheeks, that is.

Finally, I'd love to try Smitten Kitchen's recipe for shakshuka, a traditional Israeli dish consisting of eggs poached in tomato sauce.  I've seen shakshuka cropping up on brunch menus in the City, and something tells me that this recipe will save me a few dollars and taste much better than anything I can order out. 

And that's a wrap for this week's edition of Selections from the Studio! Have fun cooking this week!

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