Friday, April 30, 2010

Grazin' Angus Acres Beef Jerky

The other day, I made the embarrassing admission to Significant Eater that I had never eaten beef jerky.  Call me a snob, but I just never understood the appeal of eating packaged, dried beef.  When I spotted beef jerky sold at Grazin' Angus Acres, a grass-fed beef purveyor at the Union Square Greenmarket (that also happens to sell the best eggs at the Greenmarket), I knew that I finally had to give beef jerky a try.  A grass-fed, local, artisanal, $10 for a quarter pound beef jerky that needs to be refrigerated? Ok, well maybe I am a bit of a snob, but this beef jerky is pretty good stuff.  It's intensely spiced and the leathery texture that I assume is inherent to all beef jerky is not as off-putting as I expected it to be.  According to Significant Eater, Grazin' Angus' beef jerky tastes just like a Slim Jim.  I wouldn't know, but if that claim is accurate, I may just have to snap it to a Slim Jim one of these days.


  1. you should try Vietnamese beef jerky-!! Curried and spicy, lemongrass and sesame...also, not leathery. We had a friend in NYC that begged us to send him 5 lbs worth from cali!

  2. Mmmm, that sounds great! I'll have to see if it's sold in NY. If not, I just may have to contact you for 5 lbs. worth ;)

  3. So the WT in me loves a Slim Jim...will have to try the gourmet kind



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